Sunday, April 5, 2009

Flowers, Flowers Everwhere!

Oh, I have been yearning for flowers and color! So much so that I have been obsessively making them myself - helping Mother Nature along.

Here in our snowy mountain valley we were still getting snow last week. But I can feel Spring coming.

For some reason I have been busy making Yo-Yos most of the Winter. Yo-Yos just make me happy, I guess. Not knowing what I was going to do with them didn't seem to matter either. I just knew that I would be using them in some joyful way eventually.

Last weekend I just happened into a wonderful quilt shop in Leavenworth, Washington. They had beautiful displays of finished projects and most of them had puffy fabric flowers appliqued on somewhere.
Oh my heart!! (I think I may have swooned a bit.)
I bought the template to make the 2.5" wide ruched flowers on the spot. This is such an easy project.

Now, all my many (many!!) Yo-Yos are keeping company with these ruched flowers. And, most importantly I have a finished project in mind for them.
Mother Nature - not to be outdone! - got busy around my house. Finally! The crocuses that used to be around an apple tree in my own Mother's yard last year, are blooming for the first time in my flower beds. They are just starting and I am so grateful for the color.

I think I feel another swoon coming on!


Light and Shadow Studio said...

Karen, those are so beautiful. I have never seen fabric flowers like those. Wow! I made a small yo yo quilt when I was in my twenties for a baby quilt. It took forever! But I love the look of them. This is even better and I like the colors. I hope you do make something with them. Let me know what you do with them, I want to see!

Kim and John said...

Are those crocus pictures real? Those look like paintings. You are sooo fun with the projects you come up with!

Nancy @ La Chambre Rose said...

I just love the fabric flowers. What a great way to use small pieces of fabric.

Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Hi Karen! It's been awhile! Love your new blog look. These yo-yo's look so cute and fun to make!

Bone*Head*Studios said...

Hey Karen, do those fabric flowers look like tarts or do I just have food on my mind?( Pies in particular)Too cute!!