Saturday, May 30, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday, Pink Saturday!

What would Saturdays be like if Beverly, How Sweet The Sound, hadn't started and then invited others to join in to make our Saturdays PINK? She could have choosen any color, but PINK is the ultimate happy color - blissful, sweet, fun, and joyous - all together in one pretty tint.
Now, she tells us that it has been one year since others joined in spreading PINKdom. So I am posting this picture above from June Hoffman's book on Eggeury in celebration {PINKed up a bit for the occasion} and am pretending that the figure in the egg is Beverly!
Next, I found this 1920's vintage sheet music recently. Just couldn't pass it up!
Words to wise.

Here are the lyrics, by Al Dubin & Irving Kahal...
People who gossip are people who lie,
so try to keep out of their way.
Many a girl saw her happiness die
'cause someone had too much to say.
Homes have been broken and hearts filled with pain
by stories that shouldn't be told.
Dreams have been dreamed and then shattered in vain
before a new scandal grows old.
If you can't tell the world she's a good little girl
then just say nothing at all,
who cares what she once used to be
as long as she's sorry she needs sympathy.
Don't give away what you know of her life
someday she may make a wonderful wife
If you can't tell the world she's a good little girl,
then just say nothing at all.
{Oh my, I sure hope she's sorry, or has a good attorney! LOL}

Lastly, just a note of thanks to you for visiting and to Beverly our hostess.

Happy PINK Saturday, and many more!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's good to be Queen...

... and here is why!

I am so happy I joined in this swap. A small group of us decided that we would make personalized crowns for our swap recipient. Ooooo Lucky Me!!!

Jamie of Peach Street Primitives is a very versatile and talented artist. Jamie made this amazing crown for me. She worked very hard on it, using extremely hot tools to construct this beautifully regal confection using wire, glass, beads, images, and letters.

I have to say, it not only fits like a dream, but she captured my queenliness to perfection. She spelled out "Artful Queen Madame K" around the rim.

Humbleness is hearby banished! So, sayth the Queen.
Thank you, Jamie!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I finished something!

I am just so glad that I finished up the skull from a previous recent post. He came together rather quickly but his finishing touches took longer than I had imaged... way longer!

In case you didn't catch it from the two pictures, his eyes move and he has a surprise gag that was a simple idea, but took me forever to create. I thought I would be able to purchase something that would do this gag, but nooooo!

I had to engineer the whole thing because I just couldn't let the gag die. Kind of like this little skellie clown.
For more details and to discover what this gag is click on this link.

BoneZo the clown.


Sunday, May 3, 2009

What We All Want -- Our Own Custom Crowns!

I am involved in a fun swap with a group of talented women. We decided that we needed to make something that was fun, quick, used materials from our supply stashes, and would be relatively easy to ship. Why not make custom crowns??

The artist I was to make a custom crown for is Tammy Strum. If you are unfamiliar with this popular artist you can see some of her pieces at Light and Shadow Studios. She is well-known for her whimsical moon sculptures and ornies.
How lucky for me that I had such an easy assignment! Of course there would have to be a moon, stars, and sparkles. I even got to sculpt a moon for the front piece - in Tammy's signature style - and gave this little moon its own crown and rhinestone eyes. Then, got out my glitter, my sequins, my pom-poms, and tinsels.

After I made it I still had almost 2 weeks to "test" wear it - LOL - around my art studio. It fit me soooo well.
Of course, the time came that I had to send it on to Tammy for whom I had made it. She has let me know that it arrived, so I can now share pictures with you.

The artist that is making my custom crown has let me know that she is trying something different (after all, it is for me and I am a bit different!) and will be mailing it soon. Ohhh... I can hardly wait!
My noggin is feeling a little naked.