Saturday, February 28, 2009

Still busy and getting nowhere

I don't think the cat make-do would approve.
Geez... I just can't seem to get anywhere with my projects right now. The rabbit is still unfinished because I have become obsessed with making his hat and, maybe, some shoes. Poor thing doesn't even have a body or feet, but the hat & shoes seem sooo important!

The picture above is of a cat make-do that I created last year for a swap. I made it out of a small vintage strainer, various wire bits & thingys, a couple of buttons that I painted as eyes, a vintage rabies tag and ribbons. This came together rather quickly and was so much fun.

Why is the rabbit proving to be so difficult to work on?! Maybe a glass of wine will help.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Busy, busy, busy

Thought I would post a few pictures of what I have been doing lately. Seems like I haven't been very focused on any one thing -- instead I have been all over the studio working-on or working-out details of too many things at once.

The headshots of the rabbit are of a work-in-progress. I sculpted the head about 3 weeks ago, and just today I got an idea of what the poor thing will be doing so that I can start work on the body. Spring & Easter are coming fast, so I better hop to it (groan.... bad pun, sorry!).

Just another view so you can see the size of the rabbit head as it is today. It will be under 12 inches when finished - as most of my sculpts are.

This next picture shows one of the Thank You gifts that I will be sending to my sister in Boise. I live in a very small town - tiny - with the nearest art supply or craft store about 90 miles away. My sister, who is very crafty, artistic, AND loves to shop !! bought some cool new supplies for me. One of the things she included in the package was the magazine, Cloth Paper Scissors. In the issue they make handbags out of fused plastic grocery bags.
Now, that kind of craft really isn't my kind of thing, but just for fun I made her one. Before I stained it with alcohol inks, it was looking a bit like a disposable diaper - LOL!

I made the "bag" to hold the real Thank You gift - this tag shown below. I have just started doing these tags. They are a fun, quick project and gets me using a lot of different materials that I have packed into my studio. The strip on the left side is metal - just another of the new "crafts" I have begun to play around with.

Yes, I have too many interests, too many supplies, too many treasures, and not enough time... it's nice though & I am grateful.

Now, I am off to visit that rabbit head again before I lock the door on the studio for the night.

Thanks for visiting!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Hope your Heart is full

It's here, the time to celebrate & demonstrate all that you hold dear in your heart. We should do this everyday, but few of us really remember how important that can be... often only after it is too late and we have missed too many opportunities. So, try to smile more often at those you care about. Touch them, hug them, and look them square in the eye & tell them that you love them. I believe these are the things we will never regret doing.

The cupid above was an ACEO (size 2.5" x 3.5") drawing that I did a couple of years ago and made into one of my greeting cards. The tag below I just made last week - using my new found love of metal embossing (I love you, metal embossing) and collage art.

Wishing you all a wonderful and heartfelt Valentine's Day.

XOXOX, Karen

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The calendar says it's too early to ride...

The weather has been so Spring-like in our valley these past couple of weeks. Much too soon for Spring, we usually have at least 12 more inches of snow and the roads are not this clear until mid March. My "other half" - slightly injured by a couple of falls while skiing last week - just could not sit around the house any longer. So, out came the trike and down the road he went! This is so early for a ride! The temps were around 32 degrees, but the sun is so warm already and with the snow magnifying all that sun it feels even warmer.

We sat out on our deck yesterday morning and had our breakfast. It was heaven to be out in that bright sunshine, get some natural vitamin D, and all that crisp clean air.

The forecast for the next 4 days is snow flurries... we'll see about that. They have been wrong most of our Winter and with this Spring-like teaser weather, it will be difficult to welcome back the snow and cold.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I've been Tagged!

By Lisa Lectura and she said this is a very simple tag -- AND just a bit snoopy (my word, not her's) LOL!

I need to post the fourth picture in the fourth file in my artwork directory. So, the first one isn't the fourth, it is from the Fifth file, because this is the true 4 of 4...

The true 4 of 4 is a picture of suede that I intend to use for background effects. Not too interesting... and I didn't want anyone to think that I am this boring!

The 4 of 5 is a wip picture of my still unfinished first cloth doll. It is someday going to be a moon boy... poor thing!

Okay, I am also supposed to tag some others. I am still too new to blogging to know how to type a post AND find the blog names and addresses... so, I will work on that later, too.