Thursday, February 19, 2009

Busy, busy, busy

Thought I would post a few pictures of what I have been doing lately. Seems like I haven't been very focused on any one thing -- instead I have been all over the studio working-on or working-out details of too many things at once.

The headshots of the rabbit are of a work-in-progress. I sculpted the head about 3 weeks ago, and just today I got an idea of what the poor thing will be doing so that I can start work on the body. Spring & Easter are coming fast, so I better hop to it (groan.... bad pun, sorry!).

Just another view so you can see the size of the rabbit head as it is today. It will be under 12 inches when finished - as most of my sculpts are.

This next picture shows one of the Thank You gifts that I will be sending to my sister in Boise. I live in a very small town - tiny - with the nearest art supply or craft store about 90 miles away. My sister, who is very crafty, artistic, AND loves to shop !! bought some cool new supplies for me. One of the things she included in the package was the magazine, Cloth Paper Scissors. In the issue they make handbags out of fused plastic grocery bags.
Now, that kind of craft really isn't my kind of thing, but just for fun I made her one. Before I stained it with alcohol inks, it was looking a bit like a disposable diaper - LOL!

I made the "bag" to hold the real Thank You gift - this tag shown below. I have just started doing these tags. They are a fun, quick project and gets me using a lot of different materials that I have packed into my studio. The strip on the left side is metal - just another of the new "crafts" I have begun to play around with.

Yes, I have too many interests, too many supplies, too many treasures, and not enough time... it's nice though & I am grateful.

Now, I am off to visit that rabbit head again before I lock the door on the studio for the night.

Thanks for visiting!


Light and Shadow Studio said...

Wow, Karen, the bunny is great. Love the face and the soft colors. It should be a wonderful piece. I love the tag that went in the envelope. birthday's in March. LOL. Great things!

Sarah said...

Wow Karen - I love the bunny!!! Can't wait to see the rest! I have the same problem - too many interests and directions to go in. Too many ideas!! Love your work hon!!! Sarah

America Alcala said...

I understand what you mean when you want to do so many things and there is not enough time.I wish I had time to paint, but I am so busy with my daughter's birthday party arrangements! I wish i had a clone sometimes!LOL

vintagepaletteart said...

Lucky you to have such a sweet sister to send you goodies! And what a cute idea on how to recycle plastic bags! I have an issue of that same magazine that is supposed to be arriving soon....I can't wait! Love your tags too!!!

Have a glorious weekend!

Studio At Crow Haven Farm said...

Karen, what a wonderful rabbit...I can't wait to see him finished! What a wonderful sister you have to send you supplies. 90 Miles away..What do you need, I'll get you some things! I complain that it takes me 20 min to get to Dick Blicks...boy I'm not going to complain anymore! LOL Seriously, if there is anything you need you let me are creative and so talented and you need to be able to have your supplies!
Have a beautiful weekend and keep creating the amazing art that you so share with all of us!

Skeleton In My Closet said...

I am likin' this bunny head, Karen! he looks like he'll be a real character, can't wait to see him finished...hop on that! heehee