Sunday, November 22, 2009

It's True

Hello everyone! Sorry, I have been a bad girl... blog-wise lately. My only excuse is that I have been super busy with way too many holiday art ideas.
One of my eBay art groups, BWBA (Because We Believe - ART) is having a First Anniversary celebration and a big ornie giveaway drawing on their blog. I've placed a button to the right that will link you to the blogsite. There you can get the details and view all the ornies that will be given away soon.
Below, is a peek at the ornie I made for the giveaway. She is a tiny miniature original art piece that I have placed in a 3" diameter vintage ebony wood disk. I created a table-top stand for her, but she also can be hung if desired.**********
I also completed another bat ornie. He is currently listed on eBay. This one, a Chihuahua, is probably going to be the last one for this year. Too many other holiday ideas and not enough time to complete them!
Ay Carumba and Happy Thanksgiving!


in the light of the moon said...

I just love the ornoe you created...and that Chihauhua is just perfect!!Warm Regards,Cat

Kim and John said...

Looooove the Chi bat. Sooo cute? Mmm, maybe not cute, but sooo cool!