Friday, January 16, 2009

Mother Nature's Ruffles

We have been having the most beautiful frost fog this week. This morning, everything outside is coated. It looks like Mother Nature spent the night putting crepe paper ruffles on every surface and then, because she is crafty, sprinkled a frosty glitter on top. This frost is so delicate, a light breeze blows it away.

The twigs looks like those sugar-crystal stir sticks. They make me want some more cocoa.


Sarah said...

These are stunning! I do love the cold weather pics!!

vintagepaletteart said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!! I took some pics of some icicles but they do not even compare to this!

Thanks for sharing mother nature's paint brish with us!


idrawpix said...

Lori, someone told me that my "frost fog" is called "hoarsfrost"! Why would something so beautiful have such an ugly name.

Nope! It's frost fog to me.

Altered Route said...

These pics are just beautiful. Glad to see you in blogland!

Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Amazing photos! I love your eye for detail in everything you see! Thanks for sharing!

Gail Lackey said...

Ahh... beautiful haunting pics!!
hey, thanks for stopping by and for the well wishes, it's much apprieciated!!
happy hauntings, gail

Sarah said...

Hey hon!!!! So glad you found my blog!! Thank you!!!

Susie Pastor said...

Hi, Thanks for commenting. I love the pics you have here. You are a heckuva photogrpaher.