Sunday, February 10, 2013

I have been playing around

I have been playing around with some new creations.  I do love working with wool -- dyeing, felting, hand-stitching. 
I decided that I would take a break from punch needle for a while and make a few bunnies.

I usually send a small handmade thank-you item to people who purchase my creations.  This bunny was what started a bunny explosion in my studio.
Funny, bunnies really do multiply!

 After I made about 5 other little bunny heads, I moved on to this little prim rabbit.
He was so fun to create.  I even played with lightly grudging him for a worn, well-loved appearance.
I imagine him going off a-courting with his plump carrot.  As I said, bunnies do multiply and he wants to do his part.

Next, I thought I would show a little valentine-y thank you item I made with some wool.  I tucked a small box of conversation hearts inside.
 I also did finish two punch needle works.  I'll show them soon. 
Thanks for stopping by!

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