Sunday, June 3, 2012

Little Red Barn & Farm

My latest project... A teeny tiny Barn & Farm.  
Some of you are aware that I adore working with wool.  I really love it.  And, I seem to be enchanted by smallness.  The scale of my art is almost always tiny, anything over 8 inches is very rare.   

Lately, I have been itching to get back into needle punch.  All those thousands of teeny tiny loops are sooo me!  I have also been hand dyeing wool without any special projects in mind because I enjoy the process.

Well, my stash was over-flowing with so many wonderful supplies that I finally got back into using them instead of just admiring them.  (some you will know what I mean about that!)
I got busy needle punching, embroidering, stitching and engineering it all into this teeny tiny barn & farm.  There are sheep grazing, chickens scratching, crops growing in rows, a flag on the back of the barn, a picket fence -- so many details.  It was a lot of creative fun.

I'm already planning the next wool and needle punch project.

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Kim and John said...

WOAH! How long did it take to make that!? You are incredible!!