Saturday, July 10, 2010

Pardonnez Moi

Shame on me! I have been away from posting for way too long.
No excuses -- none -- but I do feel I should offer an explanation.
I took a trip to Europe and I fell in love with Paris. Thanks to the Icelandic volcano I got to stay a bit longer than planned.
Such a beautiful city... truly, stunningly magnificent. The Parisians were a bit unpleasant and haughty and so I decided to become one for a day.

I don't smoke, but to complete the transformation, I made little rolled up paper pretend cigarettes and colored the end and placed them in a discarded Galouse wrapper. The beret was borrowed from my sister, who joined me in adopting the Parisian attitude for the day.
Anyway, back to the explanation...
I came back from Paris a changed person and I don't understand why. I have been in a creative funk ever since my return. I just don't feel creative or inspired. My husband says my desire to create art will come back someday, but I wonder...
... maybe I need another visit to Paris to search for my muse. I think she left me, became a Parisian herself and stayed there. And, I don't blame her!

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Lisa said...

Do a Parisian Witch? Get the Funk back, but your photo would make a great post card!