Friday, January 29, 2010

Copics - I can't stop!

Hello, again. This is just a quick post to share glimpses of what I have been busy doing lately.

Yup, more Copic marker ACEOs. I really love these alcohol ink markers now. In fact, after I finish this post, I am going to try coloring on some fabric!

Truly, I cannot stop. Is there an Alcohol Inks Anonymous? ;-)

Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Copics Witch

I have been busy playing with my new Copic markers, again. I wanted to try them in my ACEO artwork, which is why I finally bit the bullet and ordered them last month. I am really liking them, especially since my last order for additional colors was the Original Copics -- these come with a fine tip instead of the brush tip.
So, in case some of you are interested in Copics, I thought I would share a few tips from me, a new user.
First, Copics are expensive. So before you buy, I suggest you go to YouTube and type Copics in the search box. I learned alot there about how to best blend and color.
Second, through trial and error I learned that Verithin Prismacolor pencils work well with Copics. They don't seem to be disolved by the alcohol inks so you can draw lightly first, cover with Copics (which are transparent color), and then add additional Prismacolor pencil on top. My only cautions are that you use only Verithin under Copics. You can use the softer Prismacolor pencils over Copics once they are dry (quick drying) if you do not intend to add additional color with your markers in that area. The softer Prismacolors will smear and could stain your Copic tips.
Third, I have found the paper that works best for my artwork. It was available at Paper Zone stores (not sure if it still is, sorry). It is called Conquerer CX22 Diamond White Cover Sub 118.3# 42.51M. It is super smooth, has a nice stiffness/weight, and is relatively inexpensive. I bought a box of 200 8.5"x11" sheets a few years ago for just over 15 cents a sheet. This box should last me a lifetime.
Fourth, I currently own about 30 Copic Sketch and 12 Copic Original markers. I have nearly every color I need, but there are about 5 more I wish I had. At about $4.50 each, you can see that this is a serious expenditure, so choose your colors wisely. A mix of very, very light and their darker shades in the primary colors, plus the same in earthtones and grays should give you a good starting set.
These are just my opinions/observations so far -- freely given, but not guaranteed :-).
My latest ACEO witch shown above is titled "Hobbles" and will be on eBay tonight. If you wish to view the auction... click here.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Channeling Cindy Lou Who from Whoville

I headed out to shovel the walkways and decks this morning, but my hair wouldn't stay under my jacket hood. I gave myself a very high ponytail and felt just like Cindy Lou Who from Whoville (from How the Grinch Stole Christmas). This backlit shot shows it in all it's spikey glory. Now, I am afraid to take in down since it has become kind of set. Think I'll wear it this way all day. LOL!
Of course, now I see hairdos everywhere and felt that the walkway lights had on pompadours!

Hope you are having a good hair day and remember the lesson from Whoville...
it's not what you get that brings happiness, it's having friends and family.
Oh, and a good roast beast helps. ;-)