Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hector the Specter

I am so pleased to introduce Hector-the-Specter. He has been a long time coming mostly due to the fact that I am incredibly slow with my artworks. I MUST have been a lady of leisure in a previous life because when I am creating, time has no meaning except for cocktail hour and dinner, of course ;-)

So, poor Hector was a disembodied face for about 4 months. He would occasionally gape at me from the workbench and grumble that I should get busy with finishing him.

Hector is about 12 inches long from the wisp of his noggin' to the bottom of his ectoplasm. He wears a heavy chain of regrets that keep him from passing-over.

Now, this ornie just needs a hanger fashioned and Hector will be ready for an eBay auction in August, just in time for the Halloween season.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Time for a Make-over & Something New

Sorry for the lack of posts lately!
I have been busy, busy, busy -- and during all this busyness I managed to complete this punchneedle of a Pink Elephant. Hundreds of millions of tiny punches (okay, maybe just a bit of an exaggeration - LOL) with a floss-loaded needle are necessary to create these highly textured designs.

I created this design and worked this 4" X 6" punchneedle to compete in a challenge by one of my eBay art groups. It is a bit of a departure for me and a bit too cute for my usual creations of witches, Jack-o-Lanterns, skulls, bad birdies, etc., but it was fun just the same.
You may have also noticed that I changed my blog design and banner. I was only going to create a new banner that was more "generic" but I just couldn't stop there. Make-overs are good sometimes.
I hope you like the changes.